tuesday, may 22, 2012
Wake-up Makeup

 Somtimes it's easier to fake a good night's sleep than to get one. 

  1. Depuff eyes - Place a cold, damp tea bag over your eyes for five to ten minutes (lie down on your back.....)  The caffeine constricts blood vessels, and the pressure helps tamp down bloat. 
  2. Consdier concealer - A yellow-toned concealer hides undereye circles ( I like Benefit Boi-ing Industrial - Strength concealer) Dab it only where the skin looks darkest. 
  3. Spend a few extra minutes on your Makeup - I like rosy blush and a sheer berry shade tapped on the lips, For the eyes, " a light, smoky look always helps you seem more awake. 

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