wednesday, march 28, 2012
3 Ways to look younger and brighter with Makeup

"Be a nudist on your mouth"

It's sad fact that as we age, our lips get smaller, especially the upper lip. The best approach is to stick to shades that enhance your natural lip tone, rather than bringing attenion to the area. Look for something between your natural lip color and a berry shade. That wil just boost your natural tone, also go for a stain instead of a creamy lipstick to prevent the color from bleeding. Then top it off with a clear gloss or balm to keep lips looking full and hydrated - Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm is an ideal choice. 

"Try Highlighter" 

Dab a very sheer formula just on the cheekbones, not on the brow bones, the apples of the cheeks, or the lips. "It prevents the flat-face look and it adds a very subtle, youthful, and pretty dimension to your features. 

"Sharpen your brown eyeliner" 

Deep brown eyeliner has the impact of black but looks less obvious. It gives you all the intensity but in a more sophisticated, subtle way. 





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